3 Smart Reasons to Outsource Biz Tasks as an Entrepreneur

3 Smart Reasons to Outsource Biz Tasks as an Entrepreneur

A common piece of advice from business coaches to those who want to grow their business is to hire team members who can do the support work so you can focus your efforts on money-making tasks. If you’re looking for reasons, to outsource biz tasks, that’s the top reason.

In other words, don’t waste your time doing bookkeeping or answering emails because you’ll make more money selling your signature program or coaching clients.

But if, you’re still not convinced, allow me to share 3 compelling reasons to outsource tasks as an entrepreneur.

Reasons to Outsource

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So how’s a small business supposed to run smoothly when you’re not doing those necessary support tasks?


You hire people to do those tasks for you.

There are expert Virtual Assistants on Fiverr who can create an organized inbox with filters, folders, and labels in mere minutes. There are expert Bookkeepers who find joy in numbers and live for balancing your books each month.

And there are still others who adore creating online content and helping customers with their questions and problems. This is the team you need to create.

Reasons to Outsource

Still not sure you’re ready to hire someone yet? Here are 3 reasons to outsource the business tasks you don’t want to do (but still need to get done):


There’s Not Enough Time in Your Day

If this is your excuse for not getting tasks done, then it’s time to hire at least one team member. Make a list of your most pressing tasks that need doing and hire the appropriate person for the job.

There is no better reason to outsource than to free up your most valuable resource: time!

Start small if necessary, paying a Virtual Assistant for 5 hours a month, for instance, and then work up from there as you become more comfortable delegating tasks to her.

You’ve just gained 5 hours in your month so use it wisely.

You Can’t Clone Yourself

How on earth can you provide stellar service to your clients while also building an email list, getting prospects into your sales funnel, and creating books or other signature programs?

You can’t, plain and simple, because there is only ONE of you!

Another one of the excellent reasons to outsource these critical yet time-consuming business tasks.

This leads back to you doing the money-making tasks. Hire a ghostwriter to write your website content or email newsletters; hire a Virtual Assistant to help with administrative tasks; hire a Customer Service Specialist to answer your phones and client questions. 

While they work, you work on building relationships with your clients and prospects.

This way you can work ON your business, not IN it.

Reasons to Outsource

You Don’t Have Time to Learn the Latest Technology

Technology is wonderful and keeps improving every day but who has the time to learn all these programs and apps? Canva is certainly a cool tool for designing graphics but instead of fooling around for hours to design your book covers or social media graphics, hire a graphic designer who already knows about design and color principles and likely has the latest and greatest design program.

There’s no learning curve here. You only have to explain your vision to the designer and let her take over.

Again, focus on your money-making activities.

I Don’t Know What Tasks to Give Up

I hear you loud and clear. But do me a favor, and read through the 3 reasons to outsource again…

Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s what kept me from delegating for years even though I knew all these compelling reasons to outsource certain biz tasks.

Giving up control can be intimidating but if you have a business plan and know exactly what tasks YOU want to handle, the art of delegation becomes much easier.

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Have you started outsoucing biz tasks yet?

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