How to Make Money as a Blogger with 6 Clever Investments

How to Make Money as a Blogger with 6 Clever Investments

I get it. You’re a blogger. But did you start your blog just to blog or to make some money? The reason most bloggers fade after a few months is that blogging is hard work and not sustainable unless you turn it into a business that actually makes a profit. If you’re wondering how to make money as a blogger… read on!

The Bootstrapped Business

You’re proud of the fact that you’ve bootstrapped your blog and business from the ground up, as you should be. Tackling every task that comes your way is no easy feat. You built your own blog and website, dove in and learned how to edit and upload videos to YouTube, figured out how to format your email newsletter, and even wrestled your social media into submission.

But that feeling of pride that comes from doing all the work yourself comes with a price. Too many bloggers and small business owners are working too many hours, suffering from burnout and frustration. Not because they’re not good at what they do, but simply because they’re unwilling to truly invest in their blog to turn it into a money-making business.

They’re letting a scarcity mindset prevent them from taking the steps—and making the investments—that will have a massive impact on their blog. And maybe you are, too.

Understanding how to make money as a blogger means looking at what you’ve created as a business, not just a blog.

Below you’ll find 6 clever investments you can make to increase your income as a blogger. These are all investments that I have made personally to grow two different blogs/business…

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Home Office Equipment

As a blogger, you’re going to spend a lot of time working from your home office (or anywhere in the world if you’re a digital nomad). Either way, you’re going to need some essential equipment in order to run your blog and grow your business. You can massively increase your productivity and ultimately your income, by having the right tools. Now, the benefit of blogging is that you don’t need a lot to get started. Yay!

However, as someone who has been blogging and running my business from home and on the road while traveling, I’ve realized that there are just some non-negotiables that I need. Blogging is hard and figuring out how to make money as a blogger can be frustrating. So, make sure you have everything you need to turn your blog into a biz.

The home office equipment you’ll need will depend on you and your blog or business, but here are some basics to consider:

How to Make Money as a Blogger

Online Education

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – online education through books and courses is the best way to invest in yourself, your blog, and your business.

You can find an eBook or take a course on any blog subject under the sun and most of them are extremely useful. Honestly, this is how I’ve made the quantum leap from a struggling blogger to a successful business owner earning 5-figures or more a month. I took a leap of faith and believed in myself. Spending money when you’re struggling to make it can feel like such a risk but if you put the work in the results can be mind-blowing!

But blogging training and courses can be expensive (especially if you aren’t making any money yet). That’s why I swear by investing in book and course bundles. My favorites are the bundles from Ultimate Bundles (use this link to sign up as an affiliate partner so that you can make money promoting your favorite bundles on your blog too 😉

This month (28 – 28 Aug 2021), you’ll be able to grab The Master Your Money Super Bundle which consists of 27 courses, 9 eBooks & 15 workbooks/templates/printables worth $3056.81 for only $67!!

That’s insane savings! Plus the content will not only help you to better manage your manage but give you practical tools to make more money online right now…

How to Make Money as a Blogger


By far the biggest objection to outsourcing you’ll hear is “I can’t afford it.” Perhaps you’ve heard—or even said it. But the fact is, if you’re a serious blogger (aka business owner), you can’t afford not to outsource.

The time you free up by not doing those mundane, everyday tasks is time you’ll spend more profitably, by:

  • Creating new coaching programs.
  • Upping your content marketing game.
  • Recording video and audio content.
  • Connecting with your audience through email and blogging.
  • Working with clients either one on one or in a group setting.
  • Or just enjoying your life!

Learning how to make money as a blogger by establishing a profitable business will give you the freedom you dreamed of when you first started.

Outsourcing should never be looked at as an expense. In fact, if you’re not getting a return on your outsourcing investment, take a hard look at what you’re outsourcing and to whom, because there is likely plenty of room for improvement.


Most bloggers start out using free or low-cost tools with limited features. For example, you might be using PayPal exclusively for product sales, and manually adding buyers to your mailing list each time you receive payment. While that’s an acceptable solution when time is easier to come by than money, you’ll quickly outgrow it. The problem is, too many bloggers don’t think like entrepreneurs and fail to recognize the benefits of true automation.

Not only is trying to “make do” with a pieced-together system costing you sales, but it costs actual dollars, too. You (or your VA) will spend extra time simply getting it all to work, rather than letting the tools do the heavy lifting.

Recognize when it’s time to uplevel your marketing tools to include true funnel automation, and watch your income increase dramatically! If you want to know how to make money as a blogger, then you need to optimize your time – it’s valuable!

Here are some blogging automation tools I swear by:


Learning about or investing in SEO is essential if you want to make money from your blog. Creating valuable content is great but it won’t get you very far if it not SEO-optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) gets a bad rap among bloggers. On one hand, search engines are one of the top organic traffic generators for most blogs. But on the other end, there’s a false belief that writing “SEO optimized content” means stuffing keywords into paragraphs and headers, resulting in barely readable blog posts. However, that’s not what SEO is about.

If you’re wondering how to make money as a blogger, the short answer is SEO. The truth is blogging works. It generates long-term organic traffic and traffic equals leads and leads equals sales. Whether it’s affiliate marketing sales, sales of your services, digital products or even physical product sales.

By investing in SEO and raising your rankings in Google you’ll send more traffic to your website which can generate more leads and sales for your business. If you’re writing high-quality SEO-optimized content and ensuring your on-page SEO is on point but still aren’t seeing results, you may need to focus on off-page SEO such as getting backlinks from guest post opportunities or press distribution. There are plenty of options available but it takes time to work – so get started on it now!


It is possible to build your business and discover how to make money as a blogger solely on your own. You can pay attention to what others are doing and reverse engineer their systems. You can read books and blogs and maybe invest in a few carefully chosen training programs.


But there will come a time when your growth will flat line, and you’ll struggle to reach that next level. That’s when it’s time to invest in coaching. And yes, even coaches have (and need) coaches. A coach can help you see past your own blind spots, work through the blocks that are holding you back, and build a business you love—on your own terms.

How to Make Money as a Blogger

Don’t be afraid to invest in your blog and turn it into a business. If you want the secret answer to how to make money as a blogger, it’s investing in yourself and your biz. Wise investments such as coaching, automation, and outsourcing will pay for themselves many times over.

Which investment are you going to make first?


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