Biz and Content Alchemy

View our portfolio of content marketing, Pinterest management & email marketing work done for a variety of clients in different fields and niches

Mental Health

NextStep Solutions: Moving Behavioral Health Forward

Ghostwriting a variety of research-based articles for an EHR company. Mental health, addiction. epigenetics & behavioral health topics covered.

Confidant Health

Ghostwriting a series of content on mental health, addiction & recovery to be used as answers in Google Answer Boxes and articles for an app designed to assist people struggling with addiction.

Health & Wellness

EHE Health

Ghostwriting a variety of research-based articles for EHE Health on employee health and other lifestyle management topics.

Simple Fasting App

Ghostwriting a series of articles on healthy lifestyle choices, habits, mental health, psychology, meditation, mindfulness and more for an intermittent fasting app.


YOVU Office Phone: Business VoIP Phone System

Ghostwriting a variety of articles about VoIP business phone systems and technology for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Rev: Transcribe Audio to Text

Ghostwriting articles for Rev, a popular transcription service about different market research options such as in-depth interviews & focus groups.


Prime Luxury Rentals

Copywriting all website content for the events landing pages for a luxury private yacht rental company in Miami. Also, all email autoresponders for enquiries.

Shared Charter: Affordable Private Jet Travel

Ghostwriting pillar and cluster blog content on a variety of topics related to private jet travel, luxury travel, and chartering private flights.